Grief and Communication

The specific area of how we communicate grief or loss to each other, and perhaps to those who have passed away, fascinates me. The role of communication technology in these communications is a developing program area of research I aim to continue in my time immediately after graduate school.

Restructuring the oral memories of the bereaved through narrative and perspective taking

Collaborators: Dr. James Collier (OSU, 2014)
Conference: Presented at the Annual Conference of the International Communication Association (May 2015), Narrative and Entertainment media Division San Juan, PR.

Remediating memories: Pivoting oral narratives of the bereaved into digitized children’s narratives

Collaborators: Dr. James Collier (OSU, 2014)
Status: Under preparation
Conference: Presented at the 100th Annual Conference of the National Communication Association (November 2014) in Communication and Technology Division, Chicago, IL.

Get over it, you’re still here!: How conflicting grief narratives can undermine social support

Conference: Presented at the l International Association of Relationship Research Mini-Conference (October 2013) in the Grief & Illness Division, Louisville, KY.


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