100th Annual National Communication Association Conference Appearances

I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Windy City at the centennial NCA conference. Below is a list of my appearances.

  • Panel Chair: Grieving amid the presence of our past(s): How communication technologies are transforming and sometimes challenging the grieving process
    • Thursday, November 20th, 8-9:15am, Hilton Chicago – Wiliford – Third Floor
    • Scope: Fitting with the NCA 2014 convention theme of “Presence of our Past(s)” a panel of four papers investigating how media and technology are transforming how we continue the bonds of those from our past no longer present.
    • Paper Presenter:  “Mediating memories: Restructuring oral memories of the bereaved into digitized, visual narratives” with Dr. James Collier.
  • High Density Paper Session 1: Select papers in Human Communication and Technology Division
    • Thursday, November 20th, 9:30am, Hilton Chicago – Astoria – Third Floor
    • Scope: Multiple papers focusing on Human Communication and Technology
    • Paper Presenter: “Direct or detour cyber-bystander interventions: Testing the Bystander Intervention Model in an experimental cyberbullying context.”
  • Scholar-to-Scholar Poster Session
    • Friday, November 21st, 9:30am-10:45am, Hilton Chicago – Salon C – Lower Level
    • Poster Presenter: “The unresponsive cyberbystander: A proposed cyberbystander intervention model to explain the mediated social forces inhibiting intervention online.

Copies of presented papers can be made upon request or downloaded through the NCA Convention Central Dashboard for NCA members


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